Family [F115]



George NEAL [P375] = Hannah RAWBONE [P303]


Born 1836, Fulbrook, Warwickshire.
Christened 18 Dec 1836, Sherborne, Warwickshire.
Died 18 Sep 1915, Leek Wooton, Warwickshire
Buried 21 Sep 1915, Leek Wooton, Warwickshire
Son of Joseph Neal and Margaret Giles.


Christened 19 Apr 1835, Charlecote, Warwickshire
Died 31 Aug 1883, Leek Wooton, Warwickshire
Buried 4 Sep 1883, Leek Wooton, Warwickshire
Census 1841: Aged 6.1
Info from D FORDHAM 11/98.


George [P376]

Born 1858, Alveston, Warwickshire.
Christened 27 May 1860, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.
Died 27 Feb 1916
Occupation: Agricultural labourer.
David FORDHAM has researched this person.

Sarah Jane [P377] = Frederick Joseph PARKER [P378] > Family [F116]

Sarah Jane

Born 24 Feb 1860, Tiddington, Warwickshire.
Christened 27 May 1860, Alveston, Warwickshire.
Died 10 Feb 1923, Rathvilly, County Carlow, Ireland.
Buried Rathvilly, County Carlow, Ireland.

Frederick Joseph

Born 30 Oct 1859, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.
Christened 27 Nov 1859, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.
Died 29 Mar 1934, Rathvilly, County Carlow, Ireland.
Buried Rathvilly, County Carlow, Ireland.
Occupation: Labourer.
George PARKER and Ellen HUCKVALE.

William [P441] = Caroline FRANCIS [P442] > Family [F131]

Married Sep 1893, Leek Wootton, Warwickshire.


Born Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.
Christened 29 Dec 1861, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.
Died 31 May 1947, Acocks Green, Birmingham.
Occupation: Gardener
Researched by David FORDHAM.


Christened 12 Oct 1852, Alderminster, Worcestershire.
Died 30 Dec 1942, Leek Wootton, Warwickshire.
Daughter of Frederick Francis and Elizabeth Walton.

Ellen [P446]

Christened 17 Apr 1864, Charlecote, Warwickshire.
Died 10 Sep 1941
Occupation: Cook
Researched by David FORDHAM.
Had a daughter (illegitimate?) - Emily Jane Neal b. 1882, Bishops Tachbrook, Warwickshire.

Joseph [P447] = Hannah PAYNE [P448] > Family [F132]

Married 20 Aug 1890, Old Hill, Staffordshire.


Born 3 Feb 1866, Charlecote, Warwickshire.
Christened 7 Feb 1866, Charlecote, Warwickshire.
Died 25 Jan 1939, Stockingford, Warwickshire.
Buried Stockingford, Warwickshire.
Occupation: Agricultural labourer. Coal Miner
Researched by David FORDHAM.


Born 1 Jan 1868, Old Hill, Staffordshire.
Died 28 Dec 1954, Brinklow, Warwickshire.
Buried Stockingford, Warwickshire.
Daughter of Joseph PAYNE and Hannah CORAH.

Thomas [P460]

Christened 29 Nov 1868, Charlecote, Warwickshire.
Died abt. 1940
Occupation: A Soldier
Researched by David FORDHAM.

Henry [P461]

Christened 7 Jan 1872, Charlecote, Warwickshire.
Died 30 Nov 1932
Occupation: A Driver.
Two marriages: the first to Rosetta FELLOWS and then to Emma FELLOWS.

Charles [P263]

Christened 8 Mar 1873, Charlecote, Warwickshire.
Died 29 Jan 1946, Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
Occupation: A Gas Works Manager
Two marriages: firstly to Annie Stanley (1867) of Stratford 0n Avon and secondly to Fannie ?

Arthur [P462] = Annie Unknown [P463] > Family [F138]


Christened 27 Feb 1876, Charlecote, Warwickshire.
Died Kingston, Surrey.
Occupation: Green Keeper and Golf Professional.
Researched by David FORDHAM.


Researched by David FORDHAM.

Rose Hannah [P467]

Born 1878, Charlecote, Warwickshire.
Died 19 May 1937
Had a son, Harry (1903-12/11/1911) bur. at Leek Wootton. Spouse unknown. Researched by David FORDHAM.


Also researched by David Fordham.


1 : "Census - Hunscott Lane, Charlecote - 1841"; Primary evidence