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John Launders LEE [P747] =

John Launders

Born 1850, Liverpol1
Census 1881: Living with wife in 3 Brighton Terrace, Hornsey, Middlesex.
Was a Seaman and rumoured to have been cast awaye on a desert island for four years.


John Henry [P682] = Eleanor Rebecca BROWN [P683] > Family [F178]

Married 21 Nov 1875, Wesleyan Chapel, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex

John Henry

Born abt. 1847, Hornsey, London
Died abt. 1929, Dreyton, Portsmouth, Hants
Occupation: A Grocer
His parents moved to Liverpool. Won Chorister scholarship to Westminister School.
Taught History in Yorkshire. Worked in a leather shop in the Strand, London. Opened an ironmongers shop.
Married Eleanor Brown.
Opened a bakers shop in North End, Protsmouth.
Moved to Drayton Lane, Drayton, Portsmouth.
Info. from Jennie & Ken TARRANT.

Eleanor Rebecca

Born 1847
Died 1929, Portsmouth, Hants.
Her father was George BROWN. Aged 82 at death.


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Piece 1377 Folio 146