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The surname 'Rawbone' and some of its variants are:

Rabon ["A Major Rabon (Rawbone) was in Cromwell's Army in 1660"], Rabone, Rabonne, Radbone, Radburne, Radburns, Raswbone, Rathbone, Raubon, Raubone, Rawbane, Rawber, Rawbon, Rawbones, Rawbowne, Robone & Rowboone - I'm sure there are others! There is even a Rawbone Street, Green Point, Cape Town, S Africa.  Where did that originate from, I wonder.

Others I know to be actively researching Rawbone and related surnames are:

Paul Arnold (UK) (paulandgina@sympatico.ca) Bob Osborne (UK) (bosborne@globalnet.co.uk)
Hilary Brown (UK) (hilarybrown1@talktalk.net) Pauline Porter (UK)
Ruth Cattles Cotterill (USA) (cottrell@gte.net) Pauline Rawbone (UK) (Pauline.Rawbone@pearsoned-ema.com)
Reg Flower (UK) (dean-flowerandco&btconnect.com) Ray Smith, Coventry (UK)
David Fordham (UK) (hermit@sequoia.freeserve.co.uk) Jean D Stewart (USA) (jdswjs@aol.com)
Avigail Gilboa (abbynoam@actcom.co.il) Mrs Agnes Walls (NZ) (k.vwalls@xtra.co.nz)
Mrs Dorcas Hendershott (USA) (rathbone@one-name.org) Paul Wootton (UK) (Paul@akooka.demon.co.uk)
Joel Hakesley (USA) (JHakesley@aol.com) Mary Wilkins, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire (UK)
Mrs A Hawkins (UK) colin.hawkins@talktalk.net Alan Rawbone (alanjrawbone@yahoo.co.uk)
Mrs B Legg (West Sussex, UK)  

I have attempted to 'credit' them with each family or person in the list where we have corresponded and information exchanged or provided, but don't guarantee they have all been included. My apologies to anyone omitted!

The list includes known descendants and branches together with other 'twigs and leaves' that have been established as being in the 'vicinity' but not as yet linked, they are referred to as "Strays" where appropriate.  In this instance, a stray is not a stray in the genealogical sense. I have included some Dawsons, Tarrants, Orrells & Lees etc mainly from Lancashire and Hampshire.

It currently contains 783 people - 406 males and 379 females - in 244 families (e&oe!) together with some photographs (The Picture Gallery).  I hope it will provide some information and assistance to those searching for Rawbone and associated families or indeed, anyone interested in Warwickshire.

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